Hello, my name is Sara Procaccia and I’m a well-known art expert and Italian national tour guide in history of art, History of the ancient religions of the Roman Empire in Rome, Pitigliano, Siena, Parma. I’m also specialized in the contribution of the Jewish culture in Italy.
On my tours you will learn the different perspective of Colosseum, Caracalla Bath, Vatican Museums, the Marble of the Jewish museum of Rome, the Catacombs.

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Michelangelo’s Tour

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3/4 hours walking + car tour.

Vatican, monuments and tombs that Michelangelo created in Rome:
this tour will introduce you to the “new” interpretation of the religion of Michelangelo’s masterpieces.

The presence of Michelangelo brought in Rome a new culture:
Pagan philosophy, Bible, Cabalah and the Vangels lived all toghether in his soul. For the first time, after the greek classic period, his interpretation of life introduces a new spiritual concept in the art.


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