Rome Jewish walking tour

Rome Jewish walking tour

Rome in 2.800 years: from 753 BCE across Giulis Caesar History and roman empire to the Shoah.
I would like to share with you my knowledge and history of my family including the bitter period of the nazi occupation of Rome.

Roman Jewish walking tour:

I will lead you in the history of life and different traditions of the Jewish Ghetto of Rome.
The history starts from 2.200 years ago when the ambassadors of the Maccabian family met the senators of Rome, then through the centuries, we will know the history of this small community during the bitter period of the nazist occupation and the Shoà, the deportations in the camps of 2.091 people.

the Jewish Museum,the Spanish and the Great Synagogues, the Portico d’Ottavia, marcello’s Theatre,the Tiberina Island and the old district of Trastevere.