Fountains and Pantheon tour

Fountains and Pantheon tour

This tour starts in Piazza Farnese at the palace of Pope Paul III Farnese.
Then the folkloric market of Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza Navona and the baroque Church of Borromini, Caravaggio paintings, Pantheon.

The Pantheon, the first temple dedicated to “all the Gods” was built by Marco Vipsanio Agrippa in 27 B.C.
Agrippa, general and son in law of Augusto, dedicated the temple to all the planetary divinities and for the protection of the Family of the first Emperor of Rome : Ottaviano Augusto.
The Pantheon is one of the most extraordinary ancient monuments of Rome.

Then, from the Pantheon to the Spanish Step, crossing the “Fashion district” and Caffe Greco.

Our tour ends at the Trevi’s Fountain, without doubt the most famous fountain in the world.
The sense of aboundance and opulence derives from the desire of Papa Clemente XII to leave an unforgettable mark to the city of Rome and to all future generations.